The Hungry Learner

My name is Judy, a passionate seeker of food and knowledge. As a recent school grad, I’m admittedly in a post-education withdrawal. As the lovechild of two academics and an aficionado of information, I miss learning and exploring the world for new ideas. So instead of joining the monochrome world of cubicles and Outlook meeting reminders, I’ve decided to enter the world’s best classroom: the real world. From the young teachers in Southside Chicago to the wealthy stay at home mothers in the suburbs, I’m on a mission to learn about Chicago through the eyes of other people.

Great–so why am I writing a blog? Because blogs are not only fantastic for inane personal rantings, but also a wonderful platform for knowledge transfer. Great blogs are accessible, personal, and purposeful. So why food in particular? Because food, like love and greed, is one of the universe’s greatest truths. Food is a cultural symbol, a binder of differences, a healer, and most importantly, an artform. So I plan to learn about Chicagoans through the food they eat, through the people they eat with, through the creation of their food, through how they conceptualize food. And eventually, perhaps a few pant-sizes later, I plan to petition for funding from Kickstarter, a public platform for funding creative projects. My hope is that this blog will eventually acquire enough readership so that my audience can donate money to support local Chicago charities.

Blogs are by nature, self-centered. But as a journalist and anthropologist, I’m incredibly fascinated by people, who I believe have tremendous stories and experiences that are simple but important. It’s not easy inviting myself into the intimate lives of other people, but my hope is that this blog will not only enlighten me and my readers, but also provide an opportunity for the average (and maybe the not-so-average) Chicagoan to share their story. But there’s one essential caveat: I don’t aim to be politically correct, to kiss any sort of ass, or to write rosy-hued reviews. In fact, I’m not aiming for anything in particular. I simply plan to eat, to have a good conversation, to learn, and to write. So if I sound ignorant, biased, or just downright strange–contact me. Maybe we’ll chat over some good food.

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